Mona Neuhaus

Mona Neuhaus

Mona Neuhaus is a Lawyer with Mahony Family Lawyers and is available to assist clients in the areas of family law, criminal law and wills and estates.

Prior to joining our team, Mona practiced as a solicitor in Queensland before moving to NSW to take up the opportunity to work as an Associate to a Judge of the Federal Circuit Court of Australia. Mona’s experience gives her a unique insight into advocacy and effective representation of client’s from both sides of the legal profession and the judiciary.

Mona appears regularly in both State and Federal Court jurisdictions. Mona’s experience stretches broadly across not only family law but criminal law and wills and estates proceedings. Mona is an asset to the team at Mahony Family Lawyers and is available to assist our client’s with a range of their personal legal services.

As well as being a strong advocate, Mona is experienced in reaching negotiated settlements and assisting our client’s to avoid the need to attend. Mona is an effective negotiator both through formal mediation and through informal settlement processes.


Our clients report that Mona is a calm and approachable lawyer who is able to assist them through their legal difficulties when their own emotions may be heightened. Mona is also known for her preparation and strong organisational skills both by our clients, staff and the broader profession.

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