Conveyancing Advice

Conveyancing is the legal process of changing the ownership of property (real estate – land and houses or apartments). At Mahony Family Lawyers we have the expertise to assist you with any aspect of property ownership. Call us today on 02 9018 9408 to make an appointment in the Sydney CBD, Parramatta or Penrith.

In most cases, Conveyancing involves the everyday buying and selling of real estate and the negotiation of contracts, but sometimes, especially if family disputes or other situations arise, Conveyancing can involve more complex issues.

If you are divorcing or separating, or are experiencing any kind of family dispute that involves property, you will need lawyers who understand in detail how Conveyancing is affected by Family Law, and what legal options could be.

Changes in the ownership of property have to be recognised legally, and there has to be clear evidence that every family member involved has agreed to the change and knows what is going on. If you discover that a family member has changed the ownership of your property without your knowledge, you will need dedicated and experienced legal representation to intervene in the process and seek the best solution possible.

At Mahony Family Lawyers we have detailed knowledge of both the technical side of Conveyancing and of its relationship to Family Law and family realities.


We are always open to your enquiries. If you need advice with any aspect of Conveyancing, call us today on (02) 9018 9408 or send us an email to make an appointment in any of our three offices, located in Parramatta, Penrith and the Sydney CBD.

Mahony Family Lawyers do offer NSW Legal Aid service.