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Family Law Advice

If you are looking for legal advice and representation in a family dispute, you will need lawyers who not only know the details of the law and how to relate them to your case, but who also understand what an emotional time you are going through, and who can help you find any practical support you need.

At Mahony Family Lawyers, our experience and compassion will help you reach an agreement that is best for your family, whatever your situation. And, if necessary, we have links with community organisations that can keep you safe. We are recognised amongst our peers for our strong relationships and partnerships with family support services that can assist you in managing what can be a very stressful time in your life.

At Mahony Family Lawyers we know that Family Law cases can be very emotional and demanding for everyone involved, but we have the skill, expertise and empathy to support you at any stage in the process and to negotiate the best results possible for you.


Sometimes, sadly, the relationship at the heart of a marriage breaks down beyond recovery. If that happens, divorce is usually the most effective legal option for couples who want to change their lives and divide their property, assets and custody of children fairly. In Australia, divorce can be achieved without blame and with minimal legal conflict.

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De-facto Relationships

De-facto couples – including same sex couples – have many of the same rights as formally married couples. Whether you are entering into a De-Facto Relationship or unfortunately seeking to separate, family law may offer many options that are useful or important in your situation. We offer you all the information you need to understand the differences between De-facto and married couples, to register a De-facto Relationship officially, and to know what to do if you are separating.

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Child Custody / Child Support

Any couple with children will agree that the children’s safety, well-being and secure future are the most important aspects of the relationship. How children will be looked after, how much contact they will have with each parent, which parent may hold primary responsibility for their education and care, and how to cover the costs of that support – these are all major questions in a divorce or separation that we can assist you with.

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Same Sex Relationships

Recent changes in the law have given Same-Sex couples all the rights of a De-Facto Relationship, from relationship registration and joint property and parenting rights, to all the legal options available during separation.

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Spousal Maintenance

One of the major questions in any divorce or separation is financial fairness. Will one spouse or partner be at a disadvantage in life, because of major care responsibilities or financial hardship? This can be a distressing issue to face, especially as divorce and separation are already very upsetting to go through, but agreements and solutions are possible, with careful negotiation and strong legal thinking.

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Property Settlement

Dividing property in a divorce or separation is never as easy as ruling a line through a list. Reaching a property agreement at such an emotional time is a painstaking process, which takes careful negotiation and skilful legal thinking. Whatever the circumstances of a divorce or separation, the law offers many different options: agreement can be reached step by step through Consent Orders, or comprehensively through a binding document.

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Mediation is a structured process, in which the legal delegates of both sides meet and discuss the specific issues of a legal case, step by step, and following clients’ instructions. Mediation is the first thing that has to happen in many divorce or separation, and this makes a great difference in minimising conflict and reaching agreements that are fair. We have the knowledge, experience, understanding and, above all, the negotiation skills to give your case the best chance of success in mediation.

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Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is one of the most tragic problems in Australia today, but help and support are available, and the law is listening. Mahony Family Lawyers are among Sydney’s most experienced in dealing with domestic violence cases – we don’t just offer legal representation, we also have links with many community organisations, across the Sydney region, which can offer help of all kinds, from counselling to crisis accommodation.

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We welcome enquiries from all around the Sydney region and can talk to you in any of our three offices, conveniently located in Parramatta, Penrith and the Sydney CBD. For advice or support with any Family Law matter, call Mahony Family Lawyers today on (02) 9018 9408 or send us an email.