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Mahony Family Lawyers are committed to the prompt and efficient resolution of legal disputes and concerns, and always trying to consider the best interests of our clients and in family law matters, the best interests of the children.



Domestic Violence

Mahony Family Lawyers represented a mother who had been a victim of severe domestic violence which included physical and psychological abuse of both herself and the children. We worked closely with the Department of Community Services to assist the mother and children in leaving home safely and obtaining orders from the Family Court of Australia restraining the father from contacting the mother and children.

Child Custody

We were approached by grandparents for assistance following events that lead to their grandchildren’s sudden removal from their usual home and school. Our team assisted the grandparents to put forward evidence to the court of the parent’s significant substance abuse problem and history of instability, and to persuade the court of the grandparents’ close relationship with the children and history as primary caregivers. The court agreed that the children should return to live with their grandparents and put in place conditions on the parent’s time with the children to ensure the children’s safety.

Family Dispute

Our firm was approached by a father who had not seen his children for many months due to a falling out with the children’s mother. Staff have assisted our client to reach an amicable agreement through Family Dispute Resolution that provided for the children to spend regular time with both their mother and father and for both parents to be involved in making important decisions about the children’s schooling and religion.

Property Law

With the representation and advice of our team, our client successfully achieved a family law property settlement in circumstances where her husband had transferred assets overseas and entered into false loan documents to seek to minimize the asset pool available for distribution in the parties’ property settlement. We successfully challenged the loan documents and were able to trace the assets and obtain a financial settlement for our client that allowed her a deposit for her own home.

AVO- Legal Aid

We assisted our client to successfully defend herself against an application for an AVO lodged against her. We successfully persuaded the court that the evidence put forward by the other party was inconsistent and without a factual basis. All applications were dismissed and our client was able to continue with her usual employment, which would otherwise have been jeopardised had an AVO been made.


Working as a team over 18 months, we have assisted a grandparent with complex and lengthy family law proceedings which culminated in two separate final hearings in succession. Our team work collaboratively with Counsel to adduce evidence that persuaded the court that the grandparent was the most suitable person to care for the two primary school aged children subject of the proceedings. As a consequence, final orders were made allocating parental responsibility to our client and providing for the children to continue to live with her.