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While everyone always hopes to live as long and full a life as they can, it’s never possible to predict when you might pass away, or if an accident or illness could prevent you from making the right decisions. So it is important to prepare a legal Will, so that your Estate (your belongings, assets and finances) go to the people you want to have them, if you are no longer there to make sure that happens. .

A Will is one of the most vital kinds of legal documents. The law takes them very seriously and works to uphold every statement that they make. Every Will in NSW is assessed and safeguarded by the Supreme Court. So, experienced advice is important in making Wills that will be clear and legally binding. That is what we can offer you at Mahony Family Lawyers, but most importantly we also have the empathy to understand your family realities, and to help you arrange a Will that reflects your wishes fairly.


For advice or assistance with any aspect of making a Will, call us today on (02) 9018 9408 or send us an email. We are always open to your enquiries.

At Mahony Family Lawyers we can also assist in cases when a Will is challenged. We can defend and uphold Wills against challenges, or assist clients who want to make a challenge. Scroll down to read about “Contested Estates.”

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