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Our team of family lawyers regularly appear in the Federal Circuit Court and Family Court of Australia


We offer family law advice, minimising the stress and emotional toll you experience during divorce

If you are looking for a family lawyer to help you, please contact Mahony Family Lawyers on 02 8865 8833 or by email at info@mahonylawyers.com.au

Our team is committed to resolving your matter sensitively, promptly and efficiently. We always consider the best interests of our clients and diligently work to achieve a suitable solution.

Jillian Morrison

Principal Solicitor
Jillian Morrison - Principal Solicitor Mahony Lawyers

If you’re looking for a family lawyer in Parramatta who can handle your case with compassion and dignity, look no further than the team at Mahony Family Lawyers. We understand that matters involving separation, divorce, your children and other areas relating to Family Law can be sensitive and often stressful. That’s why we have a strong focus on customer service and communication, working with you closely and handling your case sensitively and professionally.

Our team of family lawyers are highly experienced in all areas relating to Family Law and are highly respected professionals in their field. They’ve dealt with a wide range of Family Law matters over their years of practice and understand that everyone’s case is unique. Family Law isn’t a one size fits all solution, which is why we’re dedicated to taking the time to understand your situation thoroughly.

Mahony Family Lawyers Parramatta

At Mahony Family Lawyers Parramatta, we offer:

Expertise in all areas of Family Law

A compassionate & caring approach

Strong communication

A unique and tailored service to suit your individual matter

Exceptional customer service from the moment you pick up the phone

A practical understanding of how the law relates to your situation

Thorough research and strategy

Meet Our Team of Paramatta Family Lawyers

Jillian Morrison - Principal Solicitor Mahony Lawyers

Jillian Morrison

Principal Solicitor | Family Lawyer Parramatta

Jillian Morrison is our Principal Solicitor and can assist with all matters relating to Family Law. Having worked as an Associate to a Judge of the Federal Circuit Court of Australia, she holds an intricate knowledge of the Court and its processes. She is also an experienced negotiator, holding a high success rate finalising matters without needing to go to Court. 

Jillian works with her clients to give them a practical understanding of how the law relates to their unique circumstances, demystifying the legal process and helping them on their way to a solution. She is organised, pragmatic and determined to help her clients transition to the next phase of their life as smoothly and comfortably as possible. 

Kathryn Dunkley - Solicitor Mahony Lawyers

Kathryn Dunkley

Solicitor | Family Lawyer Parramatta

Kathryn Dunkley is a Solicitor with Mahony Family Lawyers Parramatta and can assist clients with all their Family Law needs. Her experience covers all areas of Family Law including parenting applications (recovery order, location order and relocation applications), property settlement, spousal maintenance, preparation of Consent Orders and Parenting Plans.

Kathryn has worked as an as an Associate to a Judge of the Federal Circuit Court and has worked closely alongside Judicial Officers, giving her an in-depth understanding of the Family Law system. She is focused on providing timely, compassionate, practical and cost-effective solutions for all her clients.

Our Administration & Support Staff

Mahony’s Family Law Solicitors are backed by a friendly, experienced and practical team of staff who are dedicated to providing the best service and support possible to all our clients. From the second you send an enquiry to Mahony Family Lawyers, our staff will offer their full support and treat your case professionally, confidentially and compassionately.

What can we do for you?

Legal Services

Mahony Family Lawyers help with a comprehensive range of Family Law services. Our Parramatta Lawyers hold a wealth of experience across all areas of Family Law and will handle your case with expertise and care to help you reach the best outcome for you and your family.

Separation and Divorce Law

Separation and Divorce

We can offer professional legal advice so that your divorce can proceed without adding more stress and emotional pain to your situation.

Parenting and Children

We have extensive experience in handling post-separation arrangements for children. Whether it be Court Orders or a Parenting Plan that you need, our team of family lawyers can assist.
Property & Financial Disputes

Property and Financial Disputes

Our family lawyers can assist in negotiating, drafting and lodging with the Court a final property settlement.

De Facto Relationships

We can offer you expert legal advice on disputes arising from the breakdown of your de facto relationship.

Spousal Maintenance

We can help by assessing whether to seek maintenance from a former spouse based on the factors in your case.

Negotiations, Arbitrations & Mediations

We can advise you on, and assist you through lawyer-assisted negotiations, mediations, and arbitrations.

Same-Sex Couples

At Mahony Family Lawyers we can advise on post-separation parenting and financial arrangements for same-sex couples.

Estate Planning

We can assist you by preparing a will, enduring power of attorney and enduring guardianship.
Consent Orders

Consent Orders

We can provide assistance negotiating and drafting consent orders to cover parenting arrangements and property division.

Family Violence

We have experience assisting clients through the family law process where family violence is involved.


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Client Comments

  • Mahony Family Lawyers are great! Clear communication all the way through. Good results so far in court. My case is still going but have no doubt in recommending her to family and friends.

    HW Mahony Family Lawyers Client Current
  • The most caring lawyers

    JB Mahony Family Lawyers client 2019
  • Highly recommended Mahony Family Lawyers. They were there for the step by step through a long and emotional custody battle with my ex.

    JS Mahony Family Lawyers Client 2018
  • After 4 long years my case is finally over. Thank you Jillian for the support you provided. I often felt anxious about court and then when I would call I would feel 100% better.

    CP Mahony Family Lawyers Client 2019
  • Thank you, Jillian, for changing my family’s life. My boys and I can now start rebuilding.

    JJ Mahony Family Lawyers Client 2017
  • I will be forever grateful to Jillian and her team.

    MH Mahony Family Lawyers Client 2018
  • Cannot speak highly enough of Jillian. She was clear from the start and got my matter finished with 1 month.

    DM Mahony Family Lawyers Client 2015

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