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Family Violence

Family Violence assistance

Abuse in any relationship is a very serious problem but if you or your family are suffering family violence, or are at risk, then help is available, and there are many people who can assist.

Community assistance

At Mahony Family Lawyers, not only do we have more experience than most law firms in family violence and safety planning above all, we are willing and able to help our clients find practical assistance.

We have long-standing links with dozens of community organisations around Western Sydney and across the greater Sydney area, including family support services and refuges, so we can help you find safety and security wherever you happen to live.

Over the years, our team have worked on NSW government and community boards as advocates for victims of family violence.

We know in detail how family violence is viewed and treated by the law, and can use our knowledge and experience to obtain fair protection for you and the best agreements and plans possible in your family situation. We can help you with all your legal options, while referring your for social supports.

Presently, our Principal Solicitor, Jillian Morrison is appointed to the specialist Domestic Violence Panel of Solicitors providing expert legal representation to victims of violence across New South Wales.

Community Assistance

Apprehended Domestic Violence Orders

Apprehended Domestic Violence Orders (“ADVO’s”)

If you are suffering or at risk of family violence, the first and often the most important legal step to take is to apply for an Apprehended Domestic Violence Order, or ADVO.

This is an order issued by the Courts that officially prevents the person engaging in domestic violence, or threatening to engage in it, or from coming near their victims. If that person breaches any part of the ADVO, the law takes this very seriously.

Applying for an ADVO can be stressful, as it involves the Police and the Courts, as well as the emotional pain of the violence itself. However, ADVO’s are there for your protection.

Sometimes a person can apply for an ADVO unfairly, in an attempt to prevent their spouse or partner from coming to their home or being near their children. If this happens, there are legal ways to challenge the ADVO and have it removed.

Mahony Family Lawyers Parramatta have experience in handling ADVO cases. We have represented many victims of family violence who have successfully applied for ADVOs, and we have also had ADVOs removed that were imposed unfairly. We can offer you the practical legal advice and assistance you need.

Family violence in divorce or separation

If you wish to divorce your spouse or separate from your de facto partner because of family violence, or you are going through divorce or separation and family violence occurs, then that will have a major impact on your mediation, negotiation, or on court discussions.

Family violence is a major factor in deciding which parent, or which other person, has the care of the children. Our knowledge and experience, both in the law and in the community, mean that we can make absolutely clear in mediation or in Court what your situation is, and seek the best result possible for you.

We can argue for family violence to be recognised in your case, or to have unfair charges of family violence dismissed.

Family Violence In Divorce or Separation

Help and legal advice on family violence from Mahony Family Lawyers

Family violence is one of the most distressing and upsetting experiences anyone can go through. We all believe we should be safe in our home lives and with our families. If you find yourself in an unsafe situation, you should seek help and refuge as soon as you can, and take legal steps to protect yourself and anyone else at risk.


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