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Parenting and Children


Children are the most important part of any family relationship. Whatever your family situation, the law always considers the best interests of children.

This could mean offering children protection and safety from abuse, enabling children to spend quality time with both parents following a separation or divorce, or providing for children to live with another family member.

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Parenting Arrangements following a separation

A Court’s decision covering children is known as a Parenting Order and is a binding order that all parties to it have a responsibility to maintain. If separating parents can reach a parenting agreement without the need for a Judge to decide then this can be written into a Parenting Plan or Consent Orders.

At Mahony Family Lawyers we have extensive experience in handling legal situations that involve children. We have the skill to carry out careful negotiations, the tenacity to see that your children’s needs are met, and the support of local community organisations if you need to keep your children safe. Many of our team are parents themselves. We know how strong parents’ feelings are for their children, how important it is to have the right kind of arrangements between children and parents, and how emotional disputes over children can become.

Rest assured that we can help you find the best possible parenting solution.

Children’s best interests

In every divorce or separation involving children, the law requires all parties – spouses or partners, lawyers, the Courts – to act in the children’s best interests. This means that any agreement, Parenting Plan or Parenting Order has to reflect what is absolutely best for the children’s future: their home environment, their carers, their education, and their time with different members of their family.

While the main principles of children’s best interests are strong and clear, every family situation will be different after a divorce, and it often takes experienced legal argument to find parenting solutions that satisfy the legal requirements, while also reflecting the family reality. With our knowledge and understanding approach, this is exactly the kind of service we can offer you at Mahony Family Lawyers.

Focus on the children

Divorces and separations are always emotional and difficult experiences, especially when children are involved, and sometimes it can be hard to keep the children’s best interests clear in negotiations. That is our role as legal representatives: we carry out the detailed discussions on your behalf, arguing for your children’s rights while keeping the process free from as much stress and emotional pain as possible.

Legal advice from Mahony Family Lawyers on children in divorce or separation

At Mahony Family Lawyers, we are always ready to understand your family situation and offer you assistance. No matter how hard the negotiations might be, we have the tenacity and legal knowledge to seek the best parenting solution possible for your children after a divorce or separation. Above all, we are known and respected for our willingness to provide practical parenting arrangements.

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