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Consent Orders

Consent Orders offer a way to reach agreement on specific property and financial matters and parenting arrangements. The couple can draft and sign consent orders, in mediation or in Court, and they will have the same legal effect as a Court Order made by a Judge following a contested hearing.

Consent Orders are a quick and inexpensive way of resolving the material side of a divorce or separation settlement. To discuss finalising your matter by way of Consent Orders, call us on 02 9018 9408 or send an email to info@mahonylawyers.com.au.

Property Consent Orders can cover:

  • Spousal Maintenance;
  • Handovers and sales of property, such as houses, land, valuables, vehicles and furniture
  • Allocation of superannuation

Consent Orders do need to follow legal procedures, so family law advice will be important in reaching Orders that are fair to both parties and that reflect the intention of the agreement. At Mahony Family Lawyers, we advise separating or divorcing couples to enter into Consent Orders. It will help to shorten negotiations, as well as reducing stress and especially cost. Consent Orders are a basic legal option available to all divorcing or separating couples.

For advice on any aspect of Consent Orders and how they can make a positive difference in resolving your family law issue, call the Parramatta Family Lawyers at Mahony today on 02 9018 9408 or send an email to info@mahonylawyers.com.au.

Consent Orders Cover a Few Types of Property


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