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If you are looking for a lawyer to help resolve a problem or dispute within your family, you need someone who not only understands how the law relates to your situation, but who can also offer empathy and find you practical support when you need it. Our services are available for clients right across the Sydney Metropolitan area.

Our team is committed to resolving legal disputes and concerns sensitively, promptly and efficiently. We always consider the best interests of our clients & diligently work towards the best possible outcome.


Services we offer

Looking after your best interests

The team at Mahony Family Lawyers are available to assist with matters in the areas of Family Law, Care and Protection, Victims Compensation and Apprehended Domestic Violence orders. We are available and pleased to assist both fee paying and legally aided clients.

Contested Estates

In either case, strong and experienced legal advice and representation, in the field of Family Law, will be essential to make your

Estate Planning

A Will is one of the most vital kinds of legal documents. The law takes them very seriously and works to uphold every statement th

Family Law

At Mahony we know that Family Law cases can be very emotional and demanding for everyone involved, but we have the skill, expertis

Our Family Lawyers

Mona Neuhaus

Mona Neuhaus is a Lawyer with Mahony Family Lawyers and is available to assist clients in the areas of family law, criminal law an.. Read more

Jillian Morrison

Jillian Morrison is an Associate Lawyer with Mahony Family Lawyers. Jillian is available to assist our clients with all of their leg.. Read more